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New version of adhesive floor marking for your workshops and your logistics warehouses


Designed by an industrial company for industrial companies, the GERGOSIGN V3 product range eneables a professional-quality output for signaling storage areas, trafic areas, access roads, corridors trucks, danger zones, identification flow.



Characteristics / Advantages :


  Direct sale from manufacturer >> without any intermediary

  Easy to implement

  Untearable liner

  No need for work stoppage when applying

  Perfect flawless finish

  High performance bonding on all kind of floor

  Excellent resistance to aging, wear, high traffic forklifts, the washer machine, moisture, low to high temperatures

  Possible removal of adhesive floor marking without residue after several years




7 colors available :





yellow   white   blue   orange   green   red   black


Available formats :


  roll 48 mm x 33 ML

  roll 96 mm x 33 ML

  strip 180 x 80 mm

  angle 180 x 180 mm

  figure 735 x 478 mm

  crosswalk 950 x 240 mm



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